Self Service

Although the taboo surrounding euthanasia fades, a large group of chronically ill patients remain for whom a big deal of discussability and openness must be won.
Thanks to the hard efforts of organizations such as the NVVE (right to die) and SEP (foundation for euthanasia in psychiatry), the attention to this disadvantaged group, for whom a chosen end of life is too often forced to be completed with terrible and degrading methods, slowly grows.

Long-term or end-stage psychiatric patients, the group i am talking about, have too often been, partly due to the complex assessment of the request for euthanasia, appointed on themselves and doomed to live or end a life that is unbearable for them. While often an honorable and peaceful end of life through euthanasia was indeed a possibility.
All the worse is the end where they were driven to.

With Self Service I visualized the conflict by means of three true stories in order to show the need to take the requests for euthanasia serious.